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Mayor Lisa Marotta is an accomplished attorney, former Special Prosecutor and prior mental health and addiction counselor.  She is a mother of three students with local business experience, and a long-time advocate for the people of Connecticut. She works hard to find solutions that benefit everyone. Mayor Marotta, and her husband Sal Marotta, chose Rocky Hill 23 years ago as the place to build their dream home and raise a family because of its strong school system, rural charm, and historic riverfront beauty.

In her first term as Mayor, Lisa Marotta led her town through unprecedented challenges ranging from a global pandemic, economic recession, and social injustice. Through it all, she remained connected to her constituents and encouraged folks to believe in the power of unity. She maintained an aggressive agenda and moved projects forward from the “what if” stage to the start-up phase. She responded to public safety concerns, incentivized economic growth through new business -friendly policies, developed a Commission on Inclusion & Innovation, and kept our school district open throughout the pandemic. Mayor Marotta understands that quick fixes don’t work – long-term planning does. 

Now in her second term, she serves the fastest growing municipality in Greater Hartford! Her boots-on-the-ground, proactive leadership recognizes public safety as the most important function of government. Under her administration’s Better Plan, Better Path model, she is ushering in unprecedented revitalization projects, rehabilitating blighted property, improving public safety, welcoming numerous businesses, increasing workforce housing, and implementing sustainable policies that protect the environment – all while minimizing tax increase.  Isn’t it time to get Connecticut on the right path too? Join Lisa Marotta and together we will build a stronger Connecticut for families, students, and businesses. Change Starts Here!

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Senate Candidate, Lisa Marotta in Hartford, CT | Lisa Marotta for Senate

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